Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is me

This is a picture of me after using windows for a couple of minutes. Feel the fury!

Also, I know how to make lists with stuff!
  • Rargh
  • Urgh
  • I'm so angry right now that I think that I'll go for raw sushi from the harbor!
  • Windows is teh suxohrserssomething
  • I think I'm having a heart attact
  • No, I just came from making this this of hot sticky bullet through the brain
  • Ouch. Now I can't use my brain anymore ;-( <-- see the tear
  • I have an Oedipus complex relationship with a computer operating system, and I blog about it !!!


shrimphead said...

I like the way this blog is set up as a direct response to Linuxhaters blog, yet whilst his is full of articulate, well written articles that are, at the end of the day, helpful to the community (vitriolic as they are!). Whereas this blog has no meaningful content at all about *WHY* Windows sucks, just nonsensical crap, and swipes at Bill Gates et al.

As a direct, intelligent response to LH, you sir, are made entirely of fail.

ZequeZ said...

@shrimphead I agree.